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What Should You Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing?

A Guide on What Actions You Need to Take When an Airline Loses Your Luggage.


An airline company losing a passenger’s luggage. You’ve heard it before. You’ve heard of what a nightmare it is for the people concerned and the inconvenience it brings to a supposedly happy travel experience.

But if it happens to you, do you know what to do?

If you haven’t heard of the steps on what to do in case this unfortunate incident happens, read on. Here are some tips to help you out of this conundrum.

1. Buy travel insurance

This first step is actually what you should do before you jump on that plane, but it’s important to you be reminded of this. It’s important to have insurance to cover the cost of lost or damaged checked in luggage. There are even insurance companies that even cover for luggage delay. So after booking that flight, get the best travel insurance for your trip and your luggage.

2. File a claims report

Filing a bag claim is the first thing you should do when your luggage is delayed or is missing. Do this immediately and don’t wait until you get home or get to your hotel. Depending on the airport you are in and the airline company concerned, you can file this at the baggage claim area, lost and found counter, or reservation desk. Among the details that you should include are your name, flight number, and date and time of flight. Filing a claim will help you establish a paper trail which will inform necessary parties when and where your luggage was lost.

This will also be an important document the airline company would need to compensate you for lost or damaged luggage. Take note though that some airlines exclude several items in the list of items they are responsible for. Some of the items are money and jewelry, which are expected to be in your carry-on or left at home.

3. Track the Progress

Most airline companies allow you to track the progress of the issue through their website. So regularly check for updates through this option and don’t wait for them to contact you.

Aside from this, you can also make use of new technology to track your baggage. There are tracking services available today that will help you track your luggage should this ever go missing. It’s like a GPS for your luggage. Some will notify you where your bag is once the tag with its unique bar code is scanned by an airline company representative or law enforcement agent. Some will send you a notification text, call or email.

4. Check for Damage

When the luggage gets located and is given back to you, the first thing you should do is check for any damages or anything that’s missing. Notify the airline company immediately for any of these. They may ask for receipts or documents to prove the value of your items so make sure you have these ready.

Remember it would take 21 days for your missing luggage to be tagged as lost. After this time the airline company needs to compensate you for the error they made on their part. If however it has been beyond this period and you are still yet to receive any resolution about the matter, then head on to the proper authorities to escalate the issue.

Hopefully, this unfortunate incident wouldn’t happen to you during your travel. But if it does, just follow the tips above to smoothly go over the needed steps to take care of that missing luggage.