4 Travel Destinations in Asia for Food Lovers

Are you a foodie who loves travelling the world to search for mouth-watering gourmet dishes and local delicacies? Then you are in for a gastronomic experience. One of the best things about travelling is that you get to sample some exotic and authentic recipes that are sure to delight your taste buds. There are plenty of well-known culinary hotspots around the world that you should visit and get the best dining experience — Asia is certainly on top of the list. So today, we will help you hunt the best culinary hotspots in Asia so that next time you travel you can get a taste of their delicious cuisines. Below are some of them.

1. Japan

Japan has emerged as a world-class gastronomic destination for travelers. Visit Japan and sample some of their tasty local cuisines, such as sukiyaki (a stew with a sweet and salty flavor made with meat, vegetables, soy sauce, sugar and mirin), takoyaki (an octopus dumpling served with a special sauce) and sushi. Kyoto is famous for matcha, a type of green tea that is usually used in traditional tea ceremonies. Hokkaido is recognized for cooking the traditional Japanese-style buttery noodle soup with sweet corn, chopped pork and minced spring onions known as bataa ramen. In Hiroshima, soba or udon noodles are combined with pancake to create a delectable recipe called hiroshimayaki.

2. Hong Kong

Book a traveler’s insurance and schedule a trip to Hong Kong to sample their mouth-watering local recipes. From dim sum and dumplings, to Peking duck and beggar’s chicken, you can discover a whole range of delicious Chinese cuisines in Hong Kong that are sure to delight your senses. You can also buy tasty egg tarts (i.e. flaky puff pastry and crumbly shortcuts) from various street food stalls and cafes in Hong Kong. Other food recipes that you need to sample are the exotic shark fin soup, snake soup and eel claypot rice.

3. Myanmar

This Southeast Asian nation, which borders India, Thailand and China, is a popular travel destination for foodie due to its flavorful cuisines, such as: nga htamin (a dish made from rice combined with turmeric, freshwater fish and garlic oil), mohinga (a fish-based broth made with onion, ginger, lemon grass and garlic) and Kausuetho (a yellow rice noodles added with lemon, herbs and Indian spice know as masala). In many street food stalls in Myanmar, you can find lots of savory snacks like samosas, spring rolls and Nangyi thoke, a dried-based salad.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers an array of flavor combinations, from bitter melon and spicy scraped coconut, to sweet caramelized onions. Fish and coconut are two of the main ingredients found in Sri Lankan recipes. Travel to Sri Lanka and try local recipes, including mallum, a salad made with fish, coconut, chili and shredded onions or Kotthu or kotthu roti, a fried-rice-like dish made from roti bread with vegetables, meats and eggs. Sri Lanka is also well-known for its spicy curries, including jackfruit curry, chili fish curry and beetroot curry.

From the streets of Myanmar to first-class restaurants in Hong Kong, Asia offers some of the best cuisines that will surely delight food lovers. So next time you plan your holiday, embark on a gastronomic experience by visiting Asia. But before booking a flight into any of these Asian countries, remember to buy travel insurance as well.