There are 5 Types of Travel: Which Category do You fit in?

To some people, thinking about traveling across the world automatically sparks a huge life decision making process in their minds. Thinking that it’s too expensive, they don’t have enough time, and life just won’t allow it. While all of this is not wrong, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to traveling. There are many different types of travel out there. You just have to take the time and find that one type that works for you.

We would like to share 5 different types of travel. Have a look and you may find something that fits your budget, interests and lifestyle.

1. Weekend escapade

Traveling doesn’t necessarily require you to give up your job and the life you’re used to. You can still maintain your current lifestyle while jetting off to different destinations by simply planning short weekend vacations. You can leave on Friday evenings and schedule your return on Sunday. Although a weekend is too short to see what a destination can offer, it’s still better than seeing nothing and staying in your home all day.

2. Road tripping

Sometimes flying can be a hassle, especially if you haven’t booked in advance and don’t have the cash for pricey plane tickets. At times like this, no need to worry — you can always hit the open road and go on a road trip! You can stick close to home and visit beautiful places that are just a 2 or 3-hour ride away. Of course, road trips are more fun if you have some company. So have your friends come along, put on your seatbelts, and put on some great tunes.

3. Package deal

If you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy the planning stage of travel, then you may want to consider taking advantage of a package holiday. This is perhaps the easiest and most hassle-free type of travel since all the work is done for you. All you have to do is get in touch with a travel agent or tour company, choose from their package holiday deals and PRESTO! Everything is arranged for you. Some tour companies offers are more flexible when it comes to their package holiday offerings. They can customize them according to your interests. Just make sure to inform them of the types of activities you prefer and the places you’re looking forward to visit.

4. Buisness travel

Ah, to reach various places and be paid for it — what more you could ask for? This is why if you love to travel, then you may want to consider a career as a flight attendant or as a staff on a cruise ship. The best thing about traveling for work is that you won’t be spending your work week stuck in a cubicle. Instead, you’ll be out and about, visiting different destinations all at the expense of your company. The only downside to this type of travel is that you don’t usually have a say about the places you’ll go.

5. Slow travel

If a weekend getaway isn’t enough to satisfy your passion for travel, then consider traveling for the long term. More of a lifestyle choice, this type of travel usually runs for several months or years. This is done so one can really get to know the place, the people and the culture better. Most long term travelers fund their escapades by working on the road or by their savings. If you choose this type of travel, then make sure you are prepared — from saying farewell to your loved ones and quitting your job, to applying for different visas and securing the cheapest travel insurance that offers a good coverage.

There is certainly a type of travel for everyone. Make the most of your travel experience by packing your sense of adventure, getting all the necessary documents sorted out including your travelers insurance, and just enjoy where your feet take you.